Those We Honor

You’ll find more than just fishing celebrities in this list. One can make a significant impact
on the lives of many without ever being well known. It is important to honor all of
those who had a great influence on the great sport of fishing, whether famous or not.
Corporate advances tend to be much more visible to us. For it’s their products that
shape the evolution of the sport of fishing.

Dave Csanda

Dave Csanda

Inducted 2012

Dave Csanda is a fishing educator who spent 28 years as editor of In-Fisherman publications and co-host of In-Fisherman Television. While closely associated with Walleye In-sider magazine and the annual Walleye Guide, he also contributed countless articles to In-Fisherman magazine and co-authored numerous multi-species books including the 5-Part Critical Concepts Walleye Series.

In 2005, Dave joined Lindner Media Productions to contribute to Lindner’s Angling Edge TV, educational DVDs, television commercials and promotional videos for the outdoor industry. He has also served as president of the Brainerd Lakes chapter of “Let’s Go Fishing,” a Minnesota-based, non-profit volunteer organization that takes seniors, veterans and kids fishing for free.

Dave writes educational articles for a variety of fishing and outdoor publications; performs frequent radio interviews; and maintains an active seminar schedule at sport shows, fishing clubs and store promotions. He operates the web site which is an informational resource for multi-species freshwater anglers.

Dave has fished from Alaska to Australia, Europe to South America, and all across the U.S. and Canada for everything from bass to muskies, panfish to trout. He believes every fish species and location offers its own unique array of challenges and enjoyment, and welcomes the opportunity to share his experience with other anglers.

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