Located in beautiful Brainerd lakes area, the Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota is a stop that anglers young and old, and from all parts, should take the time to experience. For here is a rare opportunity to learn about and actually peer into the history that has made the great sport of fishing what it is today. Minnesota has played a key role in the evolution of this world-wide pastime.


Many of the most innovative anglers hale from this great state. These great anglers, entrepreneurs, and advocates are enshrined in the Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota to commemorate the contributions they have made. Within you’ll see photos and memorabilia donated by the inductees themselves. Each of these items is a small windows into the past.


The Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota is a 501(c) non-profit organization supported entirely by donation and corporate sponsorship. Many generous individuals and companies have recognized the importance of maintaining our state’s heritage in the fishing industry. They’ve stepped forward to ensure that the accomplishments of our state’s leading innovators can be celebrated by all.

Each year the inducted members of the Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota vote in 2 new individual members and 1 corporate member to the Hall. The requirements for gaining selection into the Minnesota Hall are:

  • Must be at least 50 years of age
  • Must be a resident of Minnesota
  • Must have made a significant contribution to angling.

At large nominations are accepted and the list is reduced to the top ten by the current inductees. The top ten are voted on and the top vote getters gain entry into the Hall.

Getting There

The Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota is located within the Gander Mountain store in Baxter, MN. Admission is FREE and the Hall is open whenever the store is. View map.

Gander Mountain

The Mission Statement

The mission of the Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota is to honor and recognize anglers, industry representatives and others who have worked to preserve, protect and enhance Minnesota’s rich sport fishing heritage.

And to pass on the skills and joys of fishing to future generations to forever keep fish and fishing in the land of 10,000 lakes.