Minnesota Master Angler - Troy Green


Troy Green did, on October 18, 2018, caught and Released by sportfishing method from Minnesota waters a 58" Sturgeon - Lake and is hereby recognized as an official Minnesota Expert Angler.

Fish Catch Details

  • Angler Name: Troy Green
  • Angler Home: Rochester, MN
  • Date of Catch: October 18, 2018
  • County: Washington
  • Lake/River: St.Croix River
  • Species: Sturgeon - Lake
  • Size: 58"
  • Catch Was: Released
  • Catch Story: We started fishing towards 5:30pm on Wednesday, throughout the night I was the only one in the boat to not catch a fish, only consecutive mud puppies (nasty salamander things). After 15 hours of 30 degree temperatures, loss of sleep, 13 mud puppies, and some complaining about wanting to leave, this beast decided to take my line! That was the longest 5-10 minute battle I think I've ever had with a fish! It got tangled in the anchor line, wrapped under another fishing line, then around the motor as everyone in the boat tried to help get it untangled! With the heavy action rod looking similar to hooking a 5lb bass with a panfish ice rod and me looking like I'm fighting a tuna I gladly say "well this is by far the biggest mud puppy ive ever hooked into!" Haha! The image of that beast finally rolling up to the surface is haunting in the best way!! Biggest fish of my life by far. Shout out to Trevor Slifka for getting me on this monster dinosaur!
  • Witness Name: Trevor Slifka
  • Witness Home: Rochester, MN

Official Certificate

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