Minnesota Master Angler - Brady Baxter


Brady Baxter did, on July 11, 2020, caught and Released by sportfishing method from Minnesota waters a 32" Walleye and is hereby recognized as an official Minnesota Master Angler.

Fish Catch Details

  • Angler Name: Brady Baxter
  • Angler Home: Hawley, MN
  • Date of Catch: July 11, 2020
  • County: Becker
  • Lake/River: Detroit Lake
  • Species: Walleye
  • Size: 32"
  • Catch Was: Released
  • Catch Story: Detroit Lake is known locally for trophy Walleyes. In fact, it can be hard to catch eaters from 14"-20" at times, as some days produce many fish over 20". The zebra mussels have cleared up the lake over the past decade. That, along with the introduction of Muskies in the mid-90s, has made it tough to catch Walleyes on sunny days so overcast days are ideal conditions for big eyes. The day I caught this fish, it was overcast and two storms were passing through the area about 1 mile to the north, and to the south of the lake. I was trolling with an atypical weight system that targets large Walleyes. The system works. Period. That day I caught two trophy Walleye within 2 minutes of each other. I knew time was of the essence, so I put the first 29" walleye in the livewell, and put my line back in the water in less than a minute. Almost instantly, an even bigger fish slammed my spinner. I knew it was huge when I landed it, but I didn't expect to break my all time personal best of 31". It measured 32"!! At this point, I had to take a picture--I couldn't have both of these giants in my possession at the same time. You can tell from the picture, I was very excited. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face!! I eventually released both fish after my wife took this picture. I will never forget this once in a lifetime moment!
  • Witness Name: Jackie Baxter
  • Witness Home: Hawley, MN

Official Certificate

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