Those We Honor

You’ll find more than just fishing celebrities in this list. One can make a significant impact
on the lives of many without ever being well known. It is important to honor all of
those who had a great influence on the great sport of fishing, whether famous or not.
Corporate advances tend to be much more visible to us. For it’s their products that
shape the evolution of the sport of fishing.

Al Maas

Al Maas

Inducted 2000

Al Maas was inducted into the first class of the Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota in 2000 for his numerous contributions to the fishing industry. As one of Minnesota’s most trusted and skilled multi-species guides, Al Maas has educated and entertained more than 2,500 clients aboard his boat. He has been a Coast Guard approved fishing guide in the Leech Lake area for more than 40 years.

Maas, a charter member of the Leech Lake Guide Coalition, represents the Leech Lake Area on the Minnesota Fishing Round Table. In addition to competing in tournaments, he has helped organize competitive fishing tournaments like the Professional Walleye Trail (PWT), Masters Walleye Cicuit (MWC), Walker Musky/Northern Days and Maas Brothers Bass and Northern Tournament.

Al’s prowess as a multi-species guide earned him a place in the book “Light Tackle Fishing Guides of North America” by Richard Swan. He has also been featured on numerous television programs and in other books, newspapers and magazines including Outdoor Life and National Geographic. Fishing product manufacturers often call upon Al Maas for assistance with product development. He has helped companies like G. Loomis, Salmo Lures and Northland Tackle create top-of-the-line products for anglers.

In addition to teaching others about fishing, Maas instructed children. He taught Life Science, Science and Advanced Biology in the Walker School District for 33 years. He has held the honor of both Walker School District and Cass County Teacher of the Year. During his career as an educator, he also coached football, basketball and baseball.

Maas, now in his 70s, lives in the Walker, MN area with his wife Dianne where he continues to love fishing, hunting, camping and snowmobiling.