Those We Honor

You’ll find more than just fishing celebrities in this list. One can make a significant impact
on the lives of many without ever being well known. It is important to honor all of
those who had a great influence on the great sport of fishing, whether famous or not.
Corporate advances tend to be much more visible to us. For it’s their products that
shape the evolution of the sport of fishing.

Hank Ebert

Hank Ebert

Inducted 2023

FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc., was founded in 1977 to “promote conservation, sportsmanship and education in respects to walleye fishing”. The founding members recognized that through good habits of taking fish with sportsmanlike conduct, and educating others about the sport, better fishing would result for all.  Under this mission, the members of this organization have forged a positive impact in fishing on a local, regional, and national level by:

  • Sharing knowledge and a love of the outdoors to our youth, the future stewards of the outdoors. The organization continually does this though many avenues, for local and regional youth.
  • Sharing a passion for the outdoors through events which allow others to experience the sport of fishing, both members and non members alike.
  • Donating funds to support fisheries management and lake access, along with supporting other outdoor organizations.
  • Publishing a monthly club newsletter and manage social media pages to communicate activities, opportunities, and information.
  • Being actively involved in the political process, providing grassroots feedback to policy making individuals.
  • Bringing locally, regionally, and nationally recognized speakers to educate its members, area youth and the entire community.
  • Providing opportunities for anglers of all ages and abilities to fish competitively and share their knowledge of the sport.
  • Providing a platform from which many members have had the opportunity to become industry leaders.