Minnesota Master Angler - Landon Anderson


Landon Anderson did, on May 20, 2018, caught and Released by sportfishing method from Minnesota waters a 30" Walleye and is hereby recognized as an official Minnesota Master Angler.

Fish Catch Details

  • Angler Name: Landon Anderson
  • Angler Home: Canby, Minnesota
  • Date of Catch: May 20, 2018
  • County: Yellow Medicine
  • Lake/River: Lake Sylvan
  • Species: Walleye
  • Size: 30"
  • Catch Was: Released
  • Catch Story: Just a couple weeks after the season opened and the ice cleared, some buddies and I went down to this tiny lake in town to kill some time fishing. The day bite was very slow but the night bite was amazing! We figured this out and went down there a few times at dusk and fished until one or two in the morning catching lots of walleyes anywhere from 16-24", throwing most of them back. We were just using a small jig with a white twister tail. We were working our way around the lake, just fishing from shore, getting close to a very rocky part of the lake. All of a sudden I had a monster hit! It was pretty heavy at first but quickly gave up! I reeled it in and buddy netted it, barely fit in net we had because we didn't think that big of fish were in this lake. Once we got it out of the net, we realized it must have very recently spawned due to the blood on tail and giving up on the fight pretty fast.
  • Witness Name: Sawyer Hansen
  • Witness Home: Canby, MN

Official Certificate

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