Minnesota Master Angler - Dan Bolles


Dan Bolles did, on August 14, 2020, caught and Released by sportfishing method from Minnesota waters a 43.5" Pike - Northern and is hereby recognized as an official Minnesota Master Angler.

Fish Catch Details

  • Angler Name: Dan Bolles
  • Angler Home: St. Francis, Minnesota
  • Date of Catch: August 14, 2020
  • County: Lake
  • Lake/River: Bass
  • Species: Pike - Northern
  • Size: 43.5"
  • Catch Was: Released
  • Catch Story: A buddy of mine checked out the numbers and size on the lake and it looked really good, so we portaged in. First cast, I catch a 20in largemouth, breaking my pb, next we catch a small smallmouth, and after decided to troll. After we came around a corner, something completely distroyed my #5 mepps. I started to fight it, but it felt like a log. To be clear, we were in a Kevlar canoe. I kept tension on it and it just ran straight down, I was so scared to see this thing. As soon as I saw it, I almost went nuts. Thankfully, I kept my composure and proceeded to guide the fish in the net my buddy had out. After we got it in the canoe, an explosive energy erupted in my soul, but I still kept my composure. We proceeded to bring the fish towards land, so we could measure and take really good care of her. We did not have a tape to measure, but we did so with a Paracord rope. We put a knot in the rope and then proceeded to take extra good care of the fish, eventually letting her free to grow bigger. The day after, we measured the rope and it came back as 43.5" completely smashing my pb of 27".
  • Witness Name: Connor Kranz
  • Witness Home: Lakeville, Minnesota

Official Certificate

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